Q: What is your process for Drupal to WordPress migrations?

The whole migration process is very much an iterative process of fine tuning until you’re satisfied with the end result. We call each iteration a ‘pass’ because we pass through the database with our migration script repeatedly, making slight adjustments as we gather more information. Since there are so many variations between Drupal installations, we […] Continue Reading

Editing your WordPress site

Here’s a primer to editing your WordPress site. More detailed information can be found on the WordPress help pages but this should get most clients started quickly. 1. First log in To login to your WordPress site, go to http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin. (Replace yourdomain.com with the domain for your site.) You will be presented with the login screen. Enter the […] Continue Reading

Drupal to WordPress migration notes

These Drupal to WordPress migration notes are intended for clients who are handling some aspects of the migration themselves. Users of the Drupal to WordPress Migration Tool or MySQL queries might also find information here to resolve some problems. Admin account password and email address Your content management system (CMS) administrator password and email address […] Continue Reading

Safeguard your email address by registering a domain

A primary email address tied to your email provider could set you up for a great deal of inconvenience if they shut down. Registering your own domain helps control your email regardless of which company you’re currently using. On Thursday, 8th August 2013, a secure email service provider called Lavabit suddenly suspended operations. Its founder, […] Continue Reading

Now accepting Bitcoin for payments

I’d installed a Bitcoin wallet back in 2010 but at the time there wasn’t much of a market for Bitcoins. With all the publicity the technology has been getting lately, now seems like a good time to do some more experimentation. Part of that includes seeing if it’s practical to accept them as a form […] Continue Reading

Drupal to WordPress utility now public

I’m releasing my in-house tool for Drupal to WordPress migration. You can go directly to the download page for the latest version of the utility. If you’d rather let someone else do the work, you can find more information at my dedicated migration service page. When I started Another Cup of Coffee, we specialized in […] Continue Reading