Q: What do I need to set up a website?

Getting a website set up can be quite easy but at a minimum, there are three things you’ll need: 1. The domain name This is makes up the website address and requires registration and yearly renewals. It’s like the online equivalent of registering your company. For a web hyperlink, the domain is to the right […] Continue Reading

Another Cup of Coffee Limited

We support Drupal and WordPress websites for small businesses, media agencies and not-for-profit groups. Our work includes setting up and maintaining content management systems, developing custom code and troubleshooting problems with servers. My Role as founder Founder, project manager and developer, 2006 to present Day-to-day, I manage remote teams for my company, Another Cup of […] Continue Reading

Internet Explorer 7 security warnings from Microsoft

Microsoft have issued several security updates for Internet Explorer 7. As exploits go, this one appears to be quite serious as they note that “consistent exploit code can be crafted easily”. This means that another outbreak of (possibly virus-related) attacks looks imminent. If you use IE7 and don’t have automatic updating enabled, you should check […] Continue Reading

Tips for making it through the recession

Here are two articles with recession tips for web designers and developers. I figure that they also apply to most types of businesses. There’s no new advice here but the points are definitely worth remembering. Take a look: Recession Tips For Web Designers Top 10 Reasons Why Many Freelance Designers and Fresh Start Up Design […] Continue Reading

How the web can help you thrive during a recession

David Armano, from the interactive services firm Critical Mass, suggests 10 Ways Digital Can Help You Thrive in a Recession. It’s a US-focused slideshow presentation but also applies to British small businesses. I share it because several points correspond with our approach when building sites: Small companies and start-ups don’t have the luxury of time […] Continue Reading

Building a sustainable on-line business: have a price

In this video, David Heinemeier Hansson, co-founder of 37signals, talks about how build a sustainable on-line business. 37signals builds Basecamp, a successful online project management tool which, incidentally, is what we use for our own projects. Here’s a summary for you: Don’t be afraid to charge for your product. Solve a simple problem a little […] Continue Reading

The future of advertising is PR

If you’re looking into starting a marketing campaign, this blog post by Eric Karljaluoto, creative director at smashLAB, might offer some fresh perspective. It’s an insightful read, though not for someone who’s easily offended. Here are the main points I took away from the article: “Don’t spam, engage people in a dialogue.” “It’s no longer […] Continue Reading

Protecting your password

A client’s Yahoo email account was hijacked recently. She found out after an email was sent out in her name, to her entire contact list, asking to borrow several thousand pounds. This was such an obvious scam that no-one fell for it. Fortunately, other than some embarrassment and inconvenience, there were no serious consequences. It […] Continue Reading

How to get more ink out of your printer

Have you ever been presented with a premature ‘change cartridge’ warning by your printer? This scenario should be quite familiar: your printer is happily churning out pages with no sign of fading when suddenly the low ink indicator lights-up. The thing then becomes useless until you pop in a brand-new (and probably expensive) cartridge. You […] Continue Reading

Congratulations to Saronti

Congratulations to one of our clients, Saronti, who have released this cute YouTube video of their services. Note: Another Cup of Coffee didn’t design or build the Saronti website. I just thought it would be nice share to share the video with you. :) Continue Reading