How to prepare for your Drupal to WordPress migration project

Any successful project requires careful planning and a Drupal to WordPress migration is no exception. It can be tempting to head straight to setting up WordPress, trying out new themes and experimenting with plugins. Website owners and administrators know their content is important but it can sometimes become an afterthought in the excitement to play […] Continue Reading

Q: What is your process for Drupal to WordPress migrations?

The whole migration process is very much an iterative process of fine tuning until you’re satisfied with the end result. We call each iteration a ‘pass’ because we pass through the database with our migration script repeatedly, making slight adjustments as we gather more information. Since there are so many variations between Drupal installations, we […] Continue Reading

Q: Where can I find royalty-free images?

There are many sites offering free and royalty-free images. A web search for ‘royalty free images’ should bring up quite a few high quality sites. We’ve had good feedback about images from the following: Continue Reading

Q: Is there a standard list of things to test on my site?

There really isn’t a standard list because each site tends to have slightly different features. Generally, though, there are three main areas that should be tested: (A) Technical (do the features work correctly?) (B) Usability (is the site easy to use?) (C) Accessibility (can visitors access the site’s content without too much trouble?) Here’s a […] Continue Reading

Q: Do you have sample terms and conditions we can use?

Generally, my clients tend use template-based terms and conditions when starting up. (They tend to take on paid legal advice later on, for example, after their venture has stabilized.) Usually they ask about: Website usage terms Privacy policy (especially when they’re collecting data through online forms) For those who are UK-based, I point them towards […] Continue Reading

Q: Can I use an email program such Outlook to send bulk mail?

Quite a few clients have asked if they can run an email marketing campaign through our servers using an email program like Microsoft Outlook.¬†The main thing to note is that email accounts provided by our hosting company, Rackspace, are not really to be used for sending out bulk emails.¬†Although it is technically possible this method […] Continue Reading

Q: What do I need to set up a website?

Getting a website set up can be quite easy but at a minimum, there are three things you’ll need: 1. The domain name This is makes up the website address and requires registration and yearly renewals. It’s like the online equivalent of registering your company. For a web hyperlink, the domain is to the right […] Continue Reading