Migrating Bare Bones Yojimbo to WordPress

In a previous post, I wrote about exporting data from Bare Bones Software’s Yojimbo and using Tomboy as an alternative. My migration script scraped the content from Yojimbo Sidekick and wrote XML files in Tomboy Note format. Though there were some drawbacks, such as tags being unavailable in Yojimbo Sidekick, I thought Tomboy’s search feature […] Continue Reading

Migrating Delicious Bookmarks to WordPress

Delicious is one of those services that few people know about but loved (and probably hated in equal measure) by those who use it. Their offering is easy to grasp: Delicious is a social bookmarking service that lets you “Save, organize, and remember the links you find interesting or useful around the web.” I’m sure […] Continue Reading

FeenBan: A shadowban plugin for WordPress

Michael W. Dean of the Freedom Feens Talk Radio Show was having a problem with concern trolls. He wanted a way to shadowban commenters so I made him a plugin. Here’s what he had to say about it: “Gets rid of trolls without them knowing they’ve been banned. They keep posting, but no one other […] Continue Reading

Drupal to WordPress Migration Tool

The Drupal to WordPress Migration Tool exports the bulk of the content from Drupal 6 to WordPress 3.5. It runs a series of MySQL queries to read information from a Drupal database and convert the content to WordPress. Please see this post for some background on the project. A web front end is available for […] Continue Reading

Now accepting Bitcoin for payments

I’d installed a Bitcoin wallet back in 2010 but at the time there wasn’t much of a market for Bitcoins. With all the publicity the technology has been getting lately, now seems like a good time to do some more experimentation. Part of that includes seeing if it’s practical to accept them as a form […] Continue Reading

Drupal to WordPress utility now public

I’m releasing my in-house tool for Drupal to WordPress migration. You can go directly to the download page for the latest version of the utility. If you’d rather let someone else do the work, you can find more information at my dedicated migration service page. When I started Another Cup of Coffee, we specialized in […] Continue Reading

Another Cup of Coffee Limited

We support Drupal and WordPress websites for small businesses, media agencies and not-for-profit groups. Our work includes setting up and maintaining content management systems, developing custom code and troubleshooting problems with servers. My Role as founder Founder, project manager and developer, 2006 to present Day-to-day, I manage remote teams for my company, Another Cup of […] Continue Reading

Arcware Solutions Ltd

Arcware Solutions Limited (ARC) offers IT and business process outsourcing services. It has partnered with suppliers in South East Asia and manages the entire outsourcing process. Testimonial from Ray Catindig, co-founder: “Highly industrious and knowledgeable about the Technical landscape and, most importantly, maintains a high level of moral fiber.” My Role as a co-founder Project […] Continue Reading

Briliant UK Ltd

Brilliant UK Ltd specialised in e-commerce websites and Content Management Systems. It was part of the Pod1 Group, a Top 50 interactive agency. Testimonial from Usman Sheikh, CEO: “Anthony was an absolute pleasure to work with. He had a very clear understanding of IT infrastructures and the digital medium on the whole so his opinions […] Continue Reading