FeenBan: A shadowban plugin for WordPress

Michael W. Dean of the Freedom Feens Talk Radio Show was having a problem with concern trolls. He wanted a way to shadowban commenters so I made him a plugin.

Here’s what he had to say about it:

“Gets rid of trolls without them knowing they’ve been banned. They keep posting, but no one other than them can see their posts.

Deliciously devilish! Trolling the trolls!

FeenBan! I’m not just the namesake, I’m also a client!”

For more information, visit the plugin page or download it from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Drupal to WordPress Migration Tool

The Drupal to WordPress Migration Tool exports the bulk of the content from Drupal 6 to WordPress 3.5. It runs a series of MySQL queries to read information from a Drupal database and convert the content to WordPress. Please see this post for some background on the project.

A web front end is available for very basic Drupal installations. Sample SQL queries are included for more complex setups. It is an open source project released under The MIT License and hosted on GitHub.

The Drupal to WordPress Migration Tool shows how I like to structure code but since it’s an on-going project, it should be considered alpha code. (It uses HTML, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP but should be considered alpha code.)

Another Cup of Coffee Limited

We support Drupal and WordPress websites for small businesses, media agencies and not-for-profit groups. Our work includes setting up and maintaining content management systems, developing custom code and troubleshooting problems with servers.

My Role as founder

Founder, project manager and developer, 2006 to present

Day-to-day, I manage remote teams for my company, Another Cup of Coffee, using a simplified version of Scrum. We’re a group of independent professionals from different cities around the world working under one brand-name. When a new project comes along, I put together a team with the most relevant skills.

Aside from managing projects, I’m also a hands-on developer and systems administrator.

Arcware Solutions Ltd

Arcware Solutions Limited (ARC) offers IT and business process outsourcing services. It has partnered with suppliers in South East Asia and manages the entire outsourcing process.

Testimonial from Ray Catindig, co-founder:

“Highly industrious and knowledgeable about the Technical landscape and, most importantly, maintains a high level of moral fiber.”

My Role as a co-founder

Project Manager and Technical Advisor, 2003 to 2007

My role in ARC is divided into several areas:

  • Project manager for client projects.
  • A manager for the company’s IT infrastructure.
  • A technical advisor when bidding for projects.

Most of my time is spent working with clients and clients to assess what a project involves. Together, we identify what are the business and technical requirements; select suitable suppliers; and provide specification documents.

Web Developer

I re-coded our original static website it for W3C standards compliance and accessibility using WCAG. The website was optimised, reducing average page sizes from 300k to under 120k. Technical skills important for the website project were:

  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Apache
  • Linux
  • Knowledge of W3C standards
  • Knowledge of WCAG

Briliant UK Ltd

Brilliant UK Ltd specialised in e-commerce websites and Content Management Systems. It was part of the Pod1 Group, a Top 50 interactive agency.

Testimonial from Usman Sheikh, CEO:

“Anthony was an absolute pleasure to work with. He had a very clear understanding of IT infrastructures and the digital medium on the whole so his opinions and insights were invaluable to me on the various projects where we worked together. I would be more than happy to recommend his services to anyone looking for a quality IT service provider.”

My Role as a project manager


During my time at Brilliant, it was a small but growing digital agency. I was the lead project manager and also managed the company’s IT infrastructure.

Seventh Wave Systems Limited

Seventh Wave Systems is a City-based financial software company. It offers an innovative tool that allows investment professionals to easily manage reports from multiple research providers.

Following a phase of company restructuring, Seventh Wave Systems wanted an independent assessment of its IT infrastructure.

Testimonial from Michael Lobb, CEO:

“I had the privilege of working with Anthony Lopez-Vito [in 2005]. Anthony is industrious, dedicated and a highly competent technologist. Much of the stability in my IT today is due to his expertise and I would work with him again any time.”

My Role as a freelance

Technical Advisor and Systems Analyst, Mar 2005 to May 2005

My main responsibility was to analyse the company’s systems and provide technical advice to the managing director. I also acted as an interim network infrastructure manager.

The Centre for Filipinos

The Centre for Filipinos (CF) is a UK-based non-governmental organisation. It was set up to help Filipinos enrich the quality of their lives in the UK, and maintain their distinct and unique cultural identity.

My Role as a freelance

Consultant, May 2004 to Jan 2005

CF wanted to review its processes for managing information. It wanted to find out how it could improve knowledge sharing between staff and service users.

With the help of staff and other volunteers, I identified important areas where information could be shared more effectively. I also suggested how it could improve the current information management processes.

Web Developer, Mar 2003 to Jan 2008

I am on CF‘s management committee and have been volunteering my work for many years. In 2003 the Centre asked me to develop its website to help with community outreach work. Since it wanted the site to be as inclusive as possible, it was designed and coded with accessibility in mind.

Technical skills important for the website project were:

  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Knowledge of W3C standards
  • Knowledge of WCAG

Asian Departments of Trade and Industry

These were East Asian and South East Asian governmental bodies responsible for representing trade interest in their country. They wanted advice and opinion on different areas of the IT Industry.

My Role as a freelance

Technical Advisor, 2002 to 2004

I was part of a two-person consulting team offering guidance on an ad-hoc basis. We researched topics on their behalf and arranged meetings with companies in the private sector.

Philippine National Bank (Europe) plc

Philippine National Bank has been in the UK since 1986. In 2004 it needed a back-office database upgraded for new UK regulations.

My Role as a freelance

Database Developer, Feb 2004 to Aug 2004

I worked as a freelance developer upgrading Microsoft Access databases for London and Amsterdam branches. The upgrades were written in VBA and were successfully completed within tight deadlines.

Technical skills important for this role were:

  • Microsoft Access 2000
  • VBA
  • UML
  • Microsoft Windows 98 and XP