Q: How much will it cost to migrate my site from Drupal to WordPress?

Please see my dedicated migration site for the latest pricing.

Since there are so many variations between Drupal installations, it’s not practical to give reliable cost and time estimates from the outset.

We really only start to understand the scope of the work after running the first few exports. Furthermore, the modules installed during the life of your Drupal site may have altered the structure of the database. This affects how cleanly we can run the migration and how many adjustments will be necessary.

Nevertheless, you remain the driver of how much work we put in. Some site owners request lots of adjustments while others are happy to have just a few aspects of their old site migrated. The biggest factor affecting the budget is therefore the amount of communication needed with regard to the adjustments.

For the bottom-end migration, all we need to do is run through our migration script. You take care of everything else, including setting up the development server. We charge more if you have very rigid requirements which involve writing lots of code to automate tasks.

Read more about our migration process and how it may affect your budget.