Now accepting Bitcoin for payments

I’d installed a Bitcoin wallet back in 2010 but at the time there wasn’t much of a market for Bitcoins. With all the publicity the technology has been getting lately, now seems like a good time to do some more experimentation. Part of that includes seeing if it’s practical to accept them as a form of payment.

The exchange rate is quite volatile right now so I’ll start off slowly and open this up to selected projects only. If you’re interested in paying for your project in Bitcoins, please drop me a note and we’ll work out the details.

For those who are interested in Bitcoin and would like to know more, here’s where to start:

(1) Get an overview at

(2) Install a BitCoin wallet. I went with Bitcoin-Qt.

(3) After installation, wait for your wallet to sync with the network. Warning: this could take days!

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