Anthony Lopez-Vito

Anthony Lopez-Vito

I am Anthony Lopez-Vito, operating under my company, Another Cup of Coffee. I am a technology consultant with 25 years experience in the technology sector, now specialising in data migration for content management systems and ecommerce platforms. I was a pioneer of Drupal to WordPress migration services, recommended by WPEngine in a whitepaper guide. My work usually involves the stuff that happens behind the scenes: programming, databases and servers. Digital agencies, creative professionals and site owners hire me to help them build and maintain websites. You can slot me in a project to work alongside your existing team of designers and developers.

About Another Cup of Coffee

Another Cup of Coffee my consulting company offering web consulting, development and content migration services. Sometimes I do all the work myself and other times I enlist the help of a few trusted colleagues. When a new project comes along, I can put together a team with the most relevant skills. We collaborate online to get the job done efficiently so that you won't be paying for any unnecessary overheads. Although incorporated in the United Kingdom, my clients and colleagues operate in different cities around the world.

Working with Another Cup of Coffee means that you always get personal attention because if you have a problem, it affects me personally. I have a vested interest in making sure you're happy since every lost customer is literally money out of my own pocket. One pitfall with using freelancers and micro-businesses is that there tends to be a single point of failure. I solve this problem by having a decentralised structure for Another Cup of Coffee. You are always in direct communication with the people working on your project. Having said that, I've been in business since 2002 so you also have the confidence of stability to ensure our job is done.

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