Website management service

It would be nice if you could throw up a web site and forget about it. However, as with any bit of software, developers of a Content Management System (CMS) and related modules release updates to fix bugs, improve security and add new features. Furthermore, the web evolves quickly and sometimes a previously problem-free site may stop working properly with the latest technology. It’s important to keep track of these changes to avoid problems with your site.

Hiring me for website management ensures that you can spend your time looking after customers. I’ll keep an eye on the updates and fix problems as they arise.

Website management guideline pricing USD $
Standard management
  • 1 hour included per month
  • Invoiced quarterly in advance
per quarter
Discounted standard management
  • Discounted fee
  • 1 hour included per month
  • Invoiced yearly in advance
per year
Custom management
  • Specify the number of hours you need per month
  • Specify the level of service you need
  • Managed business-grade web hosting included
  • Secure email with 25GB mailboxes included
  • Invoiced yearly in advance
Please ask
Hourly rate for additional work $110
Additional mailboxes (per mailbox) $5

Note: I am based in the UK and US Dollar fees are shown as a guideline for international clients. Please contact me for current fees.

Standard website management

In order to keep your costs low, I offer reactive maintenance as my standard package. Reactive maintenance means that I only work on your site when you tell me something is broken or if you specifically request for work to be done.

Proactive maintenance requires more budget because it involves having separate development/staging/live servers, monitoring tools and testing prior to applying site updates.

Please let me know if you would like a quotation for a custom maintenance package.

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Management packages are paid quarterly or yearly in advance and include an allocated amount of work time. Unused time cannot be rolled-over to the next month. Additional time will be billed on an hourly-rate basis and invoiced after work is completed.

Full terms for my services can be found here.

Third-party online service providers

You are free to select any provider to host your website and other online services. If you do not already have a preferred hosting provider, I can host your site on my own business-grade account with Liquid Web.

Resource consumption and overages

Please be aware that many business-grade service providers operate on a ‘utility computing’ model and charge based on resource consumption. The utility computing model scales up resources to match demand so that your services do not shut down when you need them most. This could mean additional fees (‘overages’) if the service experiences periods of high resource consumption. It is your responsibility to cover any overages charged by service providers.

If your site is hosted on my hosting account, any overage fees will be invoiced to you as an additional expense. We may need to review overall resource consumption on your account periodically to make sure our agreed-upon fees remain realistic.

Overage fees guideline pricing USD $
Additional storage per GB $3.00/GB
Additional bandwidth per GB $0.30/GB

Note: I am based in the UK and US Dollar fees are shown as a guideline for international clients. Please contact me for current fees.

Service renewal fees

It is your responsibility to renew any third-party services and ensure the required fees are paid. For convenience, you may engage me to process the renewals on your behalf but I cannot accept any responsibility for termination of third-party services.

Service level agreement

Your support channel is through email, online collaboration service or ticketing system. I can offer telephone support as an additional service if required.

Response times

My official response time is to get back to you within 3 working days. However, in practice, you will usually get a reply in less than 24 hours. I’ll give you advance notice when possible if I anticipate circumstances when it’ll take me longer than 3 working days to respond. The price-range for my standard website management service means that I cannot offer you any guarantees for response and resolution times.

Hosting service level agreements

If your site is hosted on my Liquid Web account, their Policies and Service Level Agreements can be found at:

Security breaches, malicious software and software errors

Since I use third-party service providers and open source software, I therefore can’t guarantee against website security breaches (“hacking”), malicious software (“malware”) or that any software will be error-free. Another Cup of Coffee Limited cannot be liable to you or any third-party for damages, including lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages, even if you’ve advised us of them.

Domain ownership

For new site registrations, you will be listed as domain owner and Another Cup of Coffee Limited will be listed as the technical administrator.

Administrator access

You may request administrator access to all third-party accounts I create on your behalf. You should designate one team member as custodian of the control panel login details. For security, Another Cup of Coffee will not divulge hosting control panel login details to anyone other than the designated team member.