Drupal to WordPress migration service

Migrate content with a Drupal to WordPress migration service that matches your project’s goals.

  • Migrations for media agencies and site owners
  • Highly personalised service with flexible pricing
  • Pay only for the work you don’t want to do in-house
  • Support throughout the migration process
  • Drupal and WordPress database specialist since 2006

Whether you’re a media agency who needs a database expert or a site owner looking for advice, I’ll simplify your site conversion with a custom plan. Some just want to get basic Drupal content into WordPress quickly. For others, preserving Search Engine Optimisation in WordPress is critical for the business. Perhaps custom Drupal functionality needs to be replicated as a WordPress plugin. Maybe your client needs to export content and you want to focus on design. I will advise on the best course of action depending on what’s important to you.

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Glad I hired Anthony. He’s very good at detailing requirements and providing extensive feedback during all steps of the contract’s progression. He’s an excellent communicator. As a client, that matters to me.
– Alexandre Leroux, slashgeo

Great service, excellent communication. I’ve worked with a few different developers and no one can ever explain clearly what they are doing and why. Anthony knows his stuff and can explain it. He responds super quickly and says exactly what he is doing and how long it will take. I definitely will come back when I need another site migrated.
– Tom, teachenglishinasia.net

Anthony and team were great! They handled our project of converting a very large & old Drupal website to WordPress very quickly and accurately. The process was painless and allowed us to launch two weeks ahead of schedule!
– David Miyares from WTWH Media, LLC

Anthony helped us successfully migrate over 20,000 news stories and close to 10,000 tags from Drupal to WordPress within a few weeks. Anthony was very professional and quickly answered any inquiries or requests we had during the migration process. Highly recommended — he will do an amazing job!
– Ron, WinBeta

Geeks exporting a site from Drupal to WordPress

Drupal migration pricing examples

Drupal to WordPress migration fees depend on how much you’d like me to do. You might be a creative professional who wants help with only the technical aspects of a client site migration. Perhaps you’re a site owner who needs someone to do everything from content migration to theme and plugin development. These examples will give you an idea of how much budget you should expect to allocate.

Drupal to WordPress migration service guideline pricing GBP £ USD $
Company website or blog with contact form; install and set-up WordPress; install a pre-made WordPress theme £2,950 $3,585
News or community site with 10,000+ nodes; custom functionality; install a pre-made WordPress theme with customisations. £5,495 $6,685
Large content provider with 40,000+ nodes; custom content types; custom functionality; you handle design and theme in-house. £6,910 $8,400
Hourly rate £80 $110

These are examples only so please get in touch for a quote for your migration requirements. I am based in the UK and US Dollar fees are shown as a guideline for international clients. You should consider them approximate and will be calculated from exchange rates at the time of your project.

Payment options

  • For UK-based clients, all prices are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise specified.
  • International clients may pay by credit card, Bitcoin or PayPal. Other payment methods may incur additional transaction charges.

Getting started with a typical Drupal to WordPress export

To get started with your project, I’ll need:

  • A MySQL dump file or access to your database;
  • Information about what kind of content you want to migrate. I can give you a more precise estimate for your migration project if you complete a Drupal to WordPress migration worksheet (hosted on Google Forms).

Find out about how to get started with a Drupal to WordPress migration project.

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Another Cup of Coffee Limited is a company registered in England and Wales.

After contacting me, you might want to read about how to get started with a Drupal to WordPress migration project.

About my content migration service

This service grew from requests by my clients at Another Cup of Coffee Limited, a website support company based in London, United Kingdom. Another Cup of Coffee Limited has specialised in supporting Drupal and WordPress websites for small businesses, media agencies and not-for-profit groups since 2006. I’ve been freelancing since 2002 and have developed deep experience with configuring, managing and troubleshooting content management systems using the Drupal and WordPress platforms.

My work is personalised for your needs

There are other options with a variety of pricing models. My migration service is for media agencies and site owners who need a WordPress database specialist to work with them throughout the migration process. I understand that it’s often unnecessary to pay someone to do everything. For example, media agencies often have staff in-house who are great at design and front-end coding; they often don’t need to invest time investigating the inner workings of Drupal and WordPress. Site-owners without technical or programming skill can do some tasks manually using the WordPress dashboard, thereby reducing the overall budget needed.

You deal with me directly and I tailor the migration to the specific needs of your project. There are no set limits to the amount or type of content you can migrate. We work together closely to discover how best to approach the migration. Between us, we will strike a balance between your budget and work needed for you to comfortably take over your new WordPress site.

Exporting Drupal to WordPress: How it works

Diagram of my Drupal to WordPress migration service processI’ll first run a database diagnostic on a copy of your Drupal installation. This is to analyse the scope of the project and to check if there might be any issues with the migration. (Sometimes, previously installed buggy modules cause problems.) Once we’ve identified and fixed any potential issues, I’ll then run my standard migration script to get the first usable export. I define a ‘useable export’ as one where you can theoretically continue without my help, perhaps by finishing up through the WordPress control panel UI. You’re therefore never ‘locked in’ to my service.

At this stage you will have:

  • A basic installation of WordPress on a generic theme on my test server. This will let you inspect the migrated content to get an idea of how it will look at your end.
  • A MySQL dump file that you can import into your database.

For many site owners, manual finishing up of a typical Drupal to WordPress migration project can be quite tedious, especially on sites with lots of content, custom content types and functionality. An important part of what I do is saving you time by writing custom scripts that will fine-tune the results to your requirements. While the first export is fairly simple to run, further customisation is very much an iterative process of fine tuning until you’re satisfied with the end result. The more you need me to do, the more budget you’ll need.

Need more information?

Do you need more information before starting your migration project? Feel free to read through my archive of Drupal to WordPress migration posts. The following might be of particular interest:

Payment notes:

  • For UK-based clients, all prices are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise specified.
  • International clients may pay by Bitcoin, PayPal or credit card. Other payment methods may incur additional transaction charges.

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