Once in a while I write software to perform regular tasks that come up during projects. Sometimes I write them as a way to learn a new programming language.

Migration tools

This web-based Drupal to WordPress migration tool is my in-house tool for Drupal 6.x to WordPress 3.x migration. It has been released under The MIT License so feel free to customize the code to suit your own migration project. The article, Drupal to WordPress migration explained, gives a step-by-step explanation of the Drupal to WordPress migration script and MySQL queries.


Delicious bookmarks

A utility for importing Delicious bookmarks into a MySQL database. You will first to export your bookmarks before running the utility.

DeliciousPy has been released under The MIT License.

Yojimbo to Tomboy Notes Migration Tool

GNOME Tomboy Notes

A Python tool for migrating notes from Bare Bones Software’s Yojimbo to the GNOME Tomboy desktop note-taking application. Yojimbo is great but available for Mac OS X only. If you need a multi-platform alternative, give Tomboy a try. Tomboy runs on Linux, Unix, Windows, and Mac.

The Yojimbo to Tomboy Notes Migration Tool has been released under The MIT License.



A Python script to migrate a phpBB 3 forum into static HTML pages. MySQL queries and basic logic are based on the phpBB2HTML script. That script didn’t work for me so I wrote my own version in Python.

pyPhpBB2Static has been released under The MIT License.

Other software

Emergency Plan for iPhone

Emergency Plan for iPhone

Are you prepared to handle a crisis? Will you remember what to do during times of high stress? An emergency plan is essential to your disaster preparedness. Emergency Plan for iPhone is a useful way of making sure your family and colleagues have the important elements of your plan with them at all times.

FeenBan: A shadowban plugin for WordPress

The FeenBan WordPress Plugin is a simple plugin that implements user shadowbanning/hellbanning for comments. Comments by shadowbanned users will be invisible to all other users. However, the shadowbanned users will continue to see their own comments, hopefully oblivious to the fact that they’ve been shadowbanned.