Laura Crawford, CEO of Mama Bamboo:

“Anthony brought rigor and organisation to our project, coordinating a variety of third-party teams on a complex project. I appreciated Anthony’s attention to detail and ability to break down the complexity of the project to manageable tasks for all the players. Anthony brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the data migration element of the project. He identified and handled all the risks and potential pitfalls of the project , and proactively researched and proposed best fit solutions to reduce the risk rates. I would highly recommend Anthony to anyone looking for an experienced IT project manager.”

Michael Weber, Publisher of Reich der Spiele, German Boardgame Website:

“Anthony handled a migration from a complex Drupal system to WordPress for us. The result is outstanding. He gave us first class advice, offers top service and implemented everything as we wanted. Top!”

Geoff Dennis, Director Of Operations at Test Innovators:

“Anthony worked with us on a mission-critical Drupal-to-Wordpress migration project. With his expertise, he provided important help in the initial roadmapping of the project, and ultimately built critical components of our new purchase process. His documentation is exceptionally thorough, and his communication throughout the project was equally strong—responsive even while working across time zones and continents. When we ran up against roadblocks, Anthony was patient and resilient, and asked good questions to help us get unstuck. I would be excited to work with Anthony again.”

Linda Ahn, SoConscious Creative LLC:

“I partnered with Anthony for an international NGO client’s website migration and redesign. From the first conversation, I knew working with Anthony was going to be a success – he asks insightful questions and really thinks ahead. Our NGO client had a tight deadline due to their old Drupal site expiring on a fixed date, so we had to work accurately and fast (not an easy thing to do). Anthony made everything move forward smoothly and efficiently – and went above and beyond (he even educated our client on hosting options). Everything from the discovery meeting, to the migration (full cycle) and design phases, went better than expected. If you’re an agency needing migration expertise, I highly recommend working with Anthony!”

Jim Hill, User Friendly Consulting, Inc.:

“I cannot offer a higher recommendation for Anthony other than to see how easy he was to work with and how we he did on our project. Anthony handled the very complicated migration of our company web site from Joomla to WordPress over a three-month period. He brought superior technical and project management skills to the project at the outset and discovered aspects of the migration that I had never considered. His depth of expertise in migration projects guaranteed the success of the project.

We ran into some deep technical challenges and Anthony wrote some custom plugins to handle our needs in WordPress. His use of a project management system created easy tracking of the backlog and artifacts while making it easy to search for and located the myriads of details in the project. His knowledge was broad in that he understood all the aspects of the WordPress platform, including the technical details of the hosting environment.

I cannot recommend Anthony enough for another migration project but am pleased that he is willing to continue working with us on ongoing web design projects. Please feel free to connect with me if you have any question, just mention Anthony in your connection request.”

Matthew Mirus, In Pursuit Of, LLC:

“We hired Anthony to perform a Drupal to WordPress migration of a multilingual legacy Drupal site we didn’t fully understand ourselves. He guided us through the process with patience and persistence, meeting our at-times complicated requirements for handling the content. I absolutely recommend Anthony to anyone who needs to migrate off of Drupal!”

Jeffrey Ives, The Carlat Report:

“Anthony does an amazing job of looking carefully at every aspect of a migration project and working patiently with his clients to ensure the end product is exactly what they need. We couldn’t have migrated our site from Drupal to WordPress without him!”

Kyle McCarthy, Family Travel Forum Inc.:

“Another Cup of Coffee has been fantastic to work with. Anthony is efficient and pleasant, always clearly communicating updates and challenges. Their work product was not only timely, it was excellent quality. All the way through this migration project, it has been a pleasure doing business with them!”

Alexandre Leroux, slashgeo:

“Glad I hired Anthony. He’s very good at detailing requirements and providing extensive feedback during all steps of the contract’s progression. He’s an excellent communicator. As a client, that matters to me.”

Ray Catindig, Arcware Solutions Limited:

“Highly industrious and knowledgeable about the Technical landscape and, most importantly, maintains a high level of moral fiber.”

Elizabeth Loudon, Prospero Partners:

“Anthony has been terrific for our small business. He has delivered a great website that’s easy to use and update, and he manages all our email and general IT needs. Whenever we have questions, he answers right away and he always has a solution and will go the extra mile to find one. His services are fantastic value for money. We are really lucky to have him on our team!”

Ron, WinBeta:

“Anthony helped us successfully migrate over 20,000 news stories and close to 10,000 tags from Drupal to WordPress within a few weeks. Anthony was very professional and quickly answered any inquiries or requests we had during the migration process. Highly recommended — he will do an amazing job!”

Usman Sheikh, Brilliant & Contrive Digital:

“Anthony was an absolute pleasure to work with. He had a very clear understanding of IT infrastructures and the digital medium on the whole so his opinions and insights were invaluable to me on the various projects where we worked together. I would be more than happy to recommend his services to anyone looking for a quality IT service provider.”

David Miyares, WTWH Media, LLC:

“Anthony and team were great! They handled our project of converting a very large & old Drupal website to WordPress very quickly and accurately. The process was painless and allowed us to launch two weeks ahead of schedule!”

Simon Plenderleith, Makito Labs:

“Anthony’s professionalism and excellent communication skills make him a pleasure to work with. I hope to work again with Anthony on future projects.”

Michael Lobb, Seventh Wave Systems:

“I had the privilege of working with Anthony Lopez-Vito [in 2005]. Anthony is industrious, dedicated and a highly competent technologist. Much of the stability in my IT today is due to his expertise and I would work with him again any time.”

Wilder Gutterson, Director, Prospero Partners:

“Another Cup of Coffee designed our new website and gave us a high quality product that kept within our budget. They were precise, professional, always on time and we are delighted with the quality of the work and their ongoing support. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

Tom from teachenglishinasia.net:

“Great service, excellent communication. I’ve worked with a few different developers and no one can ever explain clearly what they are doing and why. Anthony knows his stuff and can explain it. He responds super quickly and says exactly what he is doing and how long it will take. I definitely will come back when I need another site migrated.”

Maki Eduardo, Photographer:

“I really got the site that I wanted with Another Cup of Coffee. The studies they did matched my needs for my personal photoblogging experience. I also love their design and they really made user-experience one of their top concerns. They also work fast. I highly recommend Another Cup of Coffee.”

Hans Lingeman, Winkle:

“Anthony, it is a true pleasure working with you and I will continue doing so. I can recommend your services to everyone who is looking for help / better understanding of on-line marketing.”

Sue Wright, Lexitus:

“I love Another Cup of Coffee because:

They explain things simply, patiently and without jargon;
They provide a complete service and make sure everything (including purchased software) works well together;
They help me whenever I have problems visualising what I want, or using, or understanding any aspect of the site—they even filmed a video for me when I found that was beyond my capabilities;
They are very flexible and sensible about charges (even when I change my mind about what I want);
They are very practical – giving clear advice of the best approach to take;
They are quick and efficient.

I consider myself very lucky to have found them!”

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