Drupal to WordPress migration activity diagram

This UML activity diagram accompanies my post, Drupal to WordPress migration explained.

Drupal to WordPress migration process activity diagram

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Migration steps listing

  1. Prepare tables: This is where we reset the development database tables to a known state, ready for another migration pass.
  2. Delete unwanted vocabularies
  3. Delete unwanted terms
  4. Merge terms? Yes: go to step a; No: go to step 5
    1. Create tables for each vocabulary to merge
    2. Create duplicate table for each vocabulary
    3. Make duplicate terms unique
    4. Merge terms
  5. Create tags
  6. Create categories and sub-categories
  7. Set uncategorized term
  8. Create posts from nodes
  9. Set posts and page types
  10. Associate posts with terms
  11. Update tag counts
  12. Set default category
  13. Migrate comments
  14. Migrate authors
  15. Site-specific settings and customisation: this would include WordPress site information settings and URL redirects
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