Why is the Drupal term_node table missing?

In a Drupal to WordPress migration post by Sam Michel, reader Jean-Philippe commented that why he couldn’t find the tables mentioned. I started composing my reply but for some reason the page wouldn’t let me post.

Rather than waste the time it took to compose the reply, I thought it would be good to post it here instead.

Hi Jean-Philippe,

This probably isn’t relevant to you anymore but I’m posting this for the benefit of anyone else who stumbles across your comment.

The tables names have changed in Drupal 7. ‘taxonomy_term_data’ and ‘taxonomy_term_hierarchy’ are all Drupal 7 tables. If you don’t see the tables mentioned in this post, it’s almost certainly because you don’t have Drupal 6 installed.

In Drupal 7, ‘term_node’ has been replaced with ‘taxonomy_index’.

I’ve started documenting the table mapping between Drupal and WordPress in a series of posts here: https://anothercoffee.net/drupal-to-wordpress-migration-posts-table-mapping/

Since I also used Scott Anderson’s SQL, anyone reading Sam Michel’s series might find it useful too. (Thanks to Sam and Scott!)

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