Drupal to WordPress migration worksheet

If you are using my Drupal to WordPress Migration Tool or have hired me for Drupal to WordPress migration service, it’s important that you gather as much information as you can about your Drupal installation. The more detailed you are in your investigation, the fewer surprises there will be during the actual migration. You may […] Continue Reading

Preserving SEO during a Drupal to WordPress migration

This article is about preserving SEO during a Drupal to WordPress migration. It’s not about which platform is better. A web search will bring up many articles about the relative SEO merits of Drupal versus WordPress. I’ve found the best summary on that topic in a forum post by Drupal.org user and developer, John Birchall: […] Continue Reading

Yojimbo to Tomboy Notes migration tool

I’m a huge fan of Bare Bones Software’s Yojimbo, an extremely useful tool for keeping information organised. It has been one of my most important applications since around 2008. I rely on Yojimbo as my ‘Anything Bucket‘ to save scraps of information, from code snippets and troubleshooting notes to project logs and research sources. A […] Continue Reading

Drupal to WordPress Image Migration

If you’re looking for a script to migrate images from Drupal to WordPress, check out Brendan Carr’s Drupal 6 to WordPress Image Migration plugin. Brendan used my Drupal to WordPress Migration Tool and developed his plugin as a companion. He also confirmed that my web-based script is compatible with WordPress 4. If you need to […] Continue Reading

Handling Drupal terms during a Drupal to WordPress migration

When migrating Drupal terms into WordPress, it’s important to understand exactly what terms are and how the two systems handle categorising information. A primer on Drupal taxonomies One of Drupal’s most powerful features is its ability to organise content with taxonomies. Unfortunately, the taxonomy system is also notorious as one of the trickiest things about […] Continue Reading